To Register a Buyer or Seller with Father Time Auctions of St. Louis, MO

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For Property Address: _____________________________________________________________________ 

Auction Date: _______________________ Broker Registration Deadline: 48 Hours prior to last business day before auction

_______________________________________________________ (Broker’s Name) wishes to register

_______________________________________(Buyer) for property being offered in the auction indicated above.

The broker/agent shall be deemed to have earned a commission if all of the following conditions have been met: 

1. Broker must be licensed in the State of which the auction property is located. 

2. Broker/agent registers 48 hours prior to last business day before the auction by 5:00 p.m. in order to submit a bid. 

3. Broker/agent shows the property to client prior to the auction and attends bidder seminars/open houses. 

4. Broker/agent attends the auction with client and remains with the client until contracting is complete. 

5. Broker/agent’s client is the high bidder, places required deposit and signs real estate sales contract. 

6. Broker/agent is not acting as a principal in this transaction. 

7. Broker agrees that he/she shall hold harmless and indemnify attorney’s fees, from any and all claims with regard to such commission(s).

Broker must attach a copy of these terms, executed by the Broker/Agent below, with each registration. 

8. Broker/agent’s buyer client closes the transaction in full in all terms under the contract. 

9. Broker/Agent states Agency Relationship to buyer in writing upon registration. 

10. Broker/Agent agrees that he/she will not claim any exceptions to these foregoing procedures. 

11. Broker/Agent waives all right to any commission(s)/referral fee(s), forfeited earnest money(s), if their client defaults for any and/all reason. 

Provided the above listed conditions are met in full at closing the undersigned broker will collect a referral fee commission equal to  20.0 % of the total commissions//buyers premium received by Father Time® Auctions & Real Estate. 

_________________________________________                                ___________________________________________     

Client Name                                                                                            Broker’s Firm Name 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

Mailing Address                                                                                       Real Estate License Number 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

City, State, Zip                                                                                       Mailing Address 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

Phone                                                                                                    City, State, Zip 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

Email Address                                                                                         Phone 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

Client Signature                                                                                      Email Address 

_________________________________________                               ___________________________________________ 

Date                                                                                                      Broker/Agent Signature 

Agency Relationship to customer/client: ____________________       ___________________________________________ 

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